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CHaD Battle of the Badges

Wednesday, 01-Mar-2017

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KRL welcomes custom applications

Wednesday, 01-Feb-2017

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KRL reaches out to the NH Veterans

Monday, 02-Jan-2017

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Competitor Cross Reference

Exact interchangeability is not implied, as there are some minor differences which may exist.

533   102A   7003 SA17 273-P     MA200
534 MWA-8   TB-34 7004 SA29 460-P     MA201
535 MWA-10   TB-35 7005 SA24 301-P SM3   MA202
538   184A   7007 SA21 EP-20 SM15   MA206
539             SM5    
540   185A TB-40   SA10       MA207
550   202A   7008 SA19 304-P      
555 WWA-22 204A TB-55 7009 SA16 417-P 100   SA100
560 WWA-23 205A TB-60 7010 SA1 467-P 101   SA101
565 WWA-24 207A TB-65 7020 SA2 812-P 102   SA102
570 WWA-26 307A TB-70 7030 SA3 815-P     SA104
575 WWA-36 310A TB-75 7040 SA4 254-P     SA105
580 WWA-38 510A TB-80 7050 SA5 EP-27 106   SA109
585 WWA-48 515A TB-58 7060 SA6 EP-28 107   SA110
590 WWA-412     7077 SA7       SA111
PC-50 WWA-416 203PA   4060 PW1       PC401
PC-51 WWP-225 204PA   4061 PW2   131PC   PC402
PC-55       4065 PW20   120PC   PC406
K-250   102P S-40 WIN II/R452   K447 SM8    
K-300 WWP-18 101P S-100 WIN I/R451   K747     PC451
K-500   134P       K446 SM9    
NP-1A LVR-2 TL01   LOB-1 TL01 KM100      
NP-2A LVR-3 TL03   LOB-3/L03 TL03     13F/13  
NP-3   FT1       KM300      
NP-5A LVR-5 TL05   LOB-5/LO5 TL05 KM500   15F/15  
S-1/2 WSC-1/2           SM1/2   MWM1/2
S-1 WSC-1   TKP1 MSM-1 SM1   SM1 RW1SOB MWM1
S-2 WSC-2   TKP2 MSM-2 SM2   SM2 RW2SOD MWM2
S-3         SM3        
LB4-3     TCK-3 4LPW-3         LVF3
LB4-5 CPSL-5   TCK-5 4LPW-5         LVF5
LB4-7 CPSL-7     4LPW-7         LVF7
LB4-10 CPSL-10   TCK-10 4LPW-10         LVF10
V-3 CPC-3   TCV3 PWR-3         PV3
V-5 CPC-5   TCV5 PW5-5        TW5 PV5
V-10 CPC-7   TCV10 PWR-7        TW7 PV7
V-15       PWR-10          
FTS-1   RCS TP1   RCS03        
FTS-2 SPR2093   TP2            
AK-3 G-3-80 MS-2 TG3 B3     UB3   232
AK-5 G-5   TG5 B5     UB5   235
AK-5C G-5C     B5A          
AK-10 G-10     B10         272
C-1/4 RS-1/4 CS-05 TS.125 AS1/4/T1/2A EL1/4 KS205 UT1/2A   110
C-1/2 RS-1/2 CS1 TS.5 AS1/2/T1/2 EL1/2 KS050 UT1/2   115
C-1A RS-1A CS2 TS1A AS-1/T-1A EL1A KS100 UT1A 41/81 125
C-1C       T-1C EL1C        
C-2     TS1 T-2 EL2H     42 133
C-2A CW-2B CS4 TS2B AS-2B/T-2B-79 EL2I KS300   43/83 140
C-2D CW-2C  CS3 TS2A AS-2/T2C EL2D   UT2A   135
C-2C     TS2C T-2A EL2E KS250 UT2C   150
C-3 CW-2
  TS3 AS-3/T-3 EL2 KS350 UT3   155
C-4   CS6         UT4    
C-5 CW-5
  TS5 AS-5/T-5 EL5 KS500 UT5 45/83  160
C-7 CW-7
CS8 TS7 AS-7/T-7 EL7       170
C-7A   CS9   T-7A EL10A KS700      
C-10A CW-10
CS10 TS10 AS-10/T-10   KS1000 UT10 40/80 175
AT-10 RH-10 RH10 TM10 AL10 EH10 KC1000 UAL10 810 610
AT-25 RH-25 RH25 TM25 AL25 EH25 KC2500 UAL25 825 620
AT-50 RH-50 RH50 TM50 AL50 EH50 KC5000 UAL50 850 630

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